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I added two UIBarButtonItems to a toolbar.

The first I added using


For the second, I created a UIButton, containing a UIImageView with the image set to the same used in the first example. I also made the image view slightly smaller that the button to allow room for a label. Then I created the BarButtonItem with


I get very different renderings of the image:

enter image description here

What is going on here, and how do I get the image to be displayed as expected in the second example?

Note: I actually added the buttons in reverse order - in the image above, the first button is using initWithCustomView:

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According to the documentation for initWithImage:style:target:action

The images displayed on the bar are derived from this image [...] The alpha values in the source image are used to create the images—opaque values are ignored.

So, the image is being used as a mask. This is the behavior you typically see used in toolbars, but is available here as well. I guess you need to use custom views if you want the image pixels to be used on the bar.

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