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I have a UTF8_encoded array in PHP (5.3) but can't seem to use manipulate the results in a normal way.

When echo'ing the data in PHP the results show up correctly but when testing the variable (eg using is_numeric) it fails.

How can I convert this array to make the data useable as normal in PHP?

$prestore = mb_split("\xc2\xA7", utf8_encode($response));

return array( 'name' => $prestore[0],
'online_players' => $prestore[1],
'maximum_players' => $prestore[2]);

$data = getInfo($host,$port);

$data2 = json_encode(getInfo($host,$port));
echo $data2;

PHP Var dump of data results are correct but the string lengths are all off.

Array(3) {
  string(23) "MC-Outbreak"
  string(5) "13"
  string(4) "70"

PHP json_encode results look like this.


I spent a couple hours trying different things but am completely stuck now! Any help would be appreciated.


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Your text is in UTF-16BE. Use iconv to convert it to UTF-8 first.

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Yup that was it! Thank you so much. – RyanManard Apr 26 '12 at 22:26
return array( 'name' => utf8_decode($prestore[0]),
'online_players' => utf8_decode($prestore[1]),
'maximum_players' => utf8_decode($prestore[2]));

Try this

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