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If I have domain classes like:

class A {
 short aCode
 static hasMany = [bs : B]
 static mapping = {
   id column: 'a_code' name: 'aCode'

class B {
  long bCode
  static belongsTo = [a: A]
  id column: 'b_code' name: 'bCode'

And try to use the B class in a command:

class SomeCommand {
  List<B> bs = ListUtils.lazyList( [], FactoryUtils.instantiateFactory(B) )

My input for aCode should be:

<input type='text' name='bs[0].a.aCode' />

Why this is not binded by grails controller?[0].a stays null after binding.

I'm using Grails 2.0.3

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I have done relations binding with no problem.

I am not sure how this works.

class SomeCommand {
  List<B> bs = ListUtils.lazyList( [], FactoryUtils.instantiateFactory(B) )

<input type='text' name='bs[0].a.aCode' />

For, A (Parent) has many B (Children) and B belongs to A.

eg. A has 10Bs (bs[0] ~ bs[9]) I can always use something like this to bind the input.

<input type="text" name="a.aCode" />

<input type="text" name="bs[0].bCode" />
<input type="text" name="bs[1].bCode" />

Not sure how to bind the data from children (B) to parent (A).

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Like your example, i'm binding manually the A in the B. The guys from the Grails mail list pointed me a JIRA for this: – Sérgio Michels May 7 '12 at 15:55
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Actually the data binding with command objects and Lists does not work. There's a JIRA for this.

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