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I am trying to match

EchoCancellation = Convert.ToBoolean(SendReceivePackets.GetNameValuePairsFromUnparsedReply(parsedReply["EchoCancellation"]));

and change it to:

EchoCancellation = Convert.ToBoolean(parsedReply["EchoCancellation"]);

There are about 3000 of these.

Here is my regex:


Visual studio says it can't find it. I don't believe Visual Studio, I think it is just lazy. :)

Can anyone see the problem?

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The \w should be :w.

Visual Studio uses non-standard regex. Change your regex to


Check here:

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Microsoft, just loves keeping things standardized huh. That fixed it by the way. Thanks! – Jonathan Henson Apr 26 '12 at 21:52

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