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I'd like to draw out like ~15 rectangles, roughly ~40% opacity, on a google map -- what would be the best practice for doing this and also associating some HTML data with it?

An array and then foreaching through it? How would I make a mouseover (preferably) tooltip or at least on click?

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You could create a set of google.maps.Rectangle instances and use the RectangleOptions to set the fillOpacity to 0.4. The rectangle is a JavaScript object, so you are free to associate whatever data you want with any of the instances.

The rectangle also fires events for: mouseover and click, so you can trigger the DOM events you mention. In order to make the rectangle accept clicks, the RectangleOptions you pass to the constructor function may also include a member: clickable, which allows you to have the rectangle take click events if it is set to: true.

Or if you simply want to place a rectangular label on the Map and add some innerHTML content, almost like a post-it note on the map, you may be interested in the google-maps-utility-library InfoBox. It allows full control of styling and has mechanisms to give you control over event handling/propagation.

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Also can look into the overlay class if you want more customization, this will let you directly insert html (with css and javascript associated) onto the map. (…) –  Josh Mc Apr 26 '12 at 22:52

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