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I have a list view in the first activity, I user notifyDataSetChanged(); in




but nothing happens .

I want to re-draw(refresh) the listview When I back to the listview' actviity


package pit.opensource.customizedlist;

import java.util.ArrayList;

import android.content.Context;
import android.content.Intent;
import android.os.Bundle;
import android.util.Log;
import android.view.LayoutInflater;
import android.view.View;
import android.view.View.OnClickListener;
import android.view.ViewGroup;
import android.widget.ArrayAdapter;
import android.widget.Button;
import android.widget.ImageView;
import android.widget.ListView;
import android.widget.TextView;

public class ListViewCustomizedAdapter1Activity extends Activity{

    private ArrayList<Order> m_orders = null;
    private OrderAdapter m_adapter;
    private ListView list;
    private Button btnAdd;
    private Runnable viewOrders;
    private ProgressDialog m_ProgressDialog;
    DBHelper db;
    public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
        list = (ListView) this.findViewById(;
        btnAdd = (Button) this.findViewById(;

        db = new DBHelper(getApplicationContext());

        //  db.insertOrder(u);
        btnAdd.setOnClickListener(new OnClickListener() {

            public void onClick(View arg0) {
                Intent i = new Intent(getApplicationContext(),Activity1.class);

        m_orders = new ArrayList<Order>();
        m_adapter = new OrderAdapter(getApplicationContext(), R.layout.row, m_orders); // data


        viewOrders = new Runnable(){ // inner class
            public void run() {

        // Creating a new thread to perform a long-running opertaions, rather than making it in the UI thread
        Thread thread =  new Thread(viewOrders);

        // Showing a simple progress dialog 
        m_ProgressDialog =,    
                "Please wait...", 
                "Retrieving data ...", 

    public void onResume(){
    public void onStart(){
        // to re-bind the list after adding
    private Runnable r2 = new Runnable(){

        public void run() {
            if(m_orders != null && m_orders.size() > 0){
                for(int i=0;i<m_orders.size();i++)
            //notifyDataSetChanged() : to refresh the DataSet to re-draw the ListView

    // Getting the data, here we fill the data manually and simulate the Network operations
    private void getOrders(){
            m_orders = new ArrayList<Order>();
            Order o1 = new Order();
            o1.orderName = "SF services";
            o1.orderStatus = "Pending";
            o1.imgName = "a";

            Order o2 = new Order();
            o2.orderName = "SF Advertisement";
            o2.orderStatus = "Completed";
   = 2;
            o2.imgName = "b";

            Order o3 = new Order();
            o3.orderName = "SF development";
            o3.orderStatus = "Completed";
   = 3;
            o3.imgName = "c1";      

            Order o4 = new Order();
            o4.orderName = "SF training";
            o4.orderStatus = "Completed";
   = 4;
            o4.imgName = "c";


            //fill from database
            m_orders = db.getAllOrders();


            Log.i("ARRAY", ""+ m_orders.size());
        } catch (Exception e) {
            Log.e("BACKGROUND_PROC", e.getMessage());

    // Here we create a customized ArrayAdapter -----------------------------------------------------
    private class OrderAdapter extends ArrayAdapter<Order> {

        private ArrayList<Order> items;
        Context context;

        public OrderAdapter(Context context, int textViewResourceId, ArrayList<Order> items) {
            super(context, textViewResourceId, items);
            this.items = items;
            this.context = context;
        public View getView( int position, 
                View convertView // (ListItem)Row = textView ... etc
                , ViewGroup parent) {

            View v = convertView;
            if (v == null) {
                // LayoutInflater: to convert the 'layout XML file' to a corresponding Java 'View' object
                // getSystemService(): A system level service to retrieve the LayoutInflater
                LayoutInflater vi = (LayoutInflater)getSystemService(Context.LAYOUT_INFLATER_SERVICE);
                v = vi.inflate(R.layout.row, null);
            Order o = items.get(position);
            if (o != null) {
                TextView tt = (TextView) v.findViewById(;
                TextView bt = (TextView) v.findViewById(;
                Button btn = (Button) v.findViewById(;
                ImageView img = (ImageView) v.findViewById(;

                tt.setText("Name: "+o.orderName);                            
                bt.setText("Status: "+ o.orderStatus);
                Log.d("Adpdter status",o.orderStatus);
                // To get Image ID using the image name ---------
                        int resID = getResources().getIdentifier(o.imgName, "drawable", getPackageName());
                }catch(Exception ex){}

                btn.setOnClickListener(new OnClickListener() {

                    public void onClick(View arg0) {

                        Intent i = new Intent(getApplicationContext(),Activity1.class);
                        //  i.setFlags(Intent.FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK);
                        //  startActivity(i);

            return v;
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what does rebind mean? – Sherif elKhatib Apr 26 '12 at 22:40
re-draw(refresh) – Adham Apr 26 '12 at 22:48
If you `notifyDataSetChanged(), it does redraw..... how are you changing the data that you notice no difference? – JRaymond Apr 26 '12 at 22:48
be carefull: if the data is not changed you will see no change... + use a handler to update it. – Sherif elKhatib Apr 26 '12 at 22:49
The data is coming from the DB, and for sure there are updates as when I close the application and run again, the changes appear – Adham Apr 26 '12 at 22:52

Did the data in fact change? Without seeing more code, I'm guessing 'no'.

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Call notifyDataSetChanged() immediately after you call db.update(), db.insert(), etc.

Addition Oh look, code! :)

Is this line correct?


Or do you mean to add items to m_orders? The adapter is already linked to m_orders and will reflect whatever is in this array.

If we change Runnable r2 to something like:

public void run() {
    m_orders.add(new Order("Pizza"));
    m_orders.add(new Order("Beer"));
    m_orders.add(new Order("Other American Health Food"));

Will this reflect a change? (I took some liberties with your Order class).

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As I fill the arraylist in another thread, and I want to reflect it's data on on the adapter in the UI thread – Adham Apr 26 '12 at 23:13

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