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I am trying to create a service with C# that launches a process that can be displayed on the Windows XP Logon screen.

I found some code that is doing this in C++. The C++ code is for a service that creates another process with STARTUPINFO.lpDesktop set to "WinSta0\WinLogon". The created process is then displayed to the Windows Logon Screen. I can't seem to find a way to specify the 'desktop' of a new process in C# using System.Diagnostic.Process class.

Does anyone know how to do this with C#?

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The solution was to call the C++ Win32 API function CreateProcess from kernel32.dll from the C# code. This site was very helpful in getting the correct function signature for C#:


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I think you'll have to write it in C++, compile that to a DLL and then call the DLL from your managed code.

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