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I'm having trouble positioning images w/ Semantic Grid System. No problem with text.

With text, the example code works fine. HTML:



@import 'grid.less';

@columns: 12;
@column-width: 60;
@gutter-width: 20;

article {
section {

The same implementation with the following for an image in the HTML:

<section><img src="title.png"

Fails to position the image. Any help much appreciated.

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works for me, in which way it fails to position the image? – daniel.auener Apr 29 '12 at 19:47

I'm assuming you refer to the image being wider then your columns? This is because browsers don't scale images even if their container is to small. In your case you have a .column(3) which should render to a width of 220px and an image which is 705px wide.

Best way to solve your problem is to manually scale the image to a width of 220px or to set width="100%" in your image tag (remove the height in this case).

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