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I cannot figure out a relative path that works for my resource. I've tried everything I could think of. The only thing that works is an absolute path that is only correct on my system, but would be incorrect in any deployed version.

As far as I know, this very simple path should work.

public class GreyscaleEffect : ShaderEffect
    private static PixelShader _pixelShader = new PixelShader()
        { UriSource = new Uri("/Effects/Greyscale.ps", UriKind.Relative) };

For which I get the error The type initializer for 'FSR.WPF.Utilities.UI. GreyscaleEffect' threw an exception. Inner Exception: Cannot locate resource 'effects/greyscale.ps'.

I've also tried the following:

Uri(";component/Effects/Greyscale.ps", UriKind.Relative)
Uri("/;component/Effects/Greyscale.ps", UriKind.Relative)
Uri("/FSR.WPF.Utilities.UI;component/Effects/Greyscale.ps", UriKind.Relative)

Elsewhere (in a xaml file in MUSUI), the following path is used, and it works fine:

<Image Source="/FSR.WPF.Utilities.UI;component/assets/CurrencyFlags/USD.png"

So I can't figure out why this case, which is so similar, doesn't work.

Only the following absolute path works:

Uri("C:\TFS\MUS 6.1.x\Mosaic Middleware\FSR.WPF.Utilities\FSR.WPF.Utilities.UI" +

I've also tried all of the above with every combination of using @ in front of the string, using UriKind.Absolute, and leaving out the second parameter altogether. Nothing works but the absolute path and I'm losing my mind.

Here's the solution structure. The Main project is MUSUI, at the bottom in bold. This effect class and .ps file are both in the Effects folder which is at the root of a referenced assembly FSR.WPF.Utilities.UI.

enter image description here

Anyways, I know this has to work somehow. Anyone that can figure out the shortest working relative path possible, especially if it doesn't require hard-coding in the assembly name, gets the prize.

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You can't specify a relative URI, it must be absolute. When you specify a relative URI in XAML, it is actually converted into an absolute URI using IUriContext.BaseUri, but in C# code there is no information about the current location, so you can't use a relative URI.

You need to specify the URI by using the pack:// URI scheme:

UriSource = new Uri("pack://application:,,,/YourAssembly;component/Effects/Greyscale.ps");
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Mind blown. Using this path fixed it. Now, in the event that this utility library's assembly name changes, is there a way to format this path such that is uses the 'assembly the current class belongs to', since GreyscaleEffect.cs and Greyscale.ps are always going to be in the same place? –  Alain Apr 26 '12 at 23:57
@Alain, yes, you can use Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly() to get the current assembly –  Thomas Levesque Apr 27 '12 at 0:02

I think this is WPF's PixelShader class bug, because PixelShader don't implement IUriContext interface which can persist the BaseUri context, while System.Windows.Controls.Image & System.Windows.Documents.Hyperlink & System.Windows.ResourceDictionary, etc. implement IUriContext, so they can use relative Uri

To enable PixelShader relative Uri sensitive, can use a Hyperlink as a redirector, for example

    <Hyperlink x:Key="ItemForRedirectKey" NavigateUri="{Your PixelShader.ps relative uri}" TargetName="{Binding Path= NavigateUri,RelativeSource={RelativeSource Self}}" />
    <PixelShader x:Key="PixelShaderKey" UriSource={Binding Path=TargetName,Source={StaticResouce ItemForRedirectKey}   }/>
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