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I have several servers and need to sync them to the latest maven jars periodically. I was thinking of deploying the jar with dependencies to dropbox and then my servers would automatically update to the latest version.

Is this a good or bad idea? What are the alternatives?

At the moment I have to manually SCP the JARs around or use SVN and Maven exec to run.


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I would stay away from using something like drop box. It's not really intended to sync files in this way. For instance, what does drop box do if a file is opened when an update comes down? What does your application do when a dependent jar changes underneath it?

I think you want to use Maven Repositories(like Nexus) for deploying your application changes. It allows you to version your dependencies and can organize build promotion so you can accurately determine what's is being pushed to production.

I also found an interesting presentation which covers what you are trying to do. An automated build/deploy process is by far the best way to go.

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