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Does anyone know of a way to access the bookmarks of the "Maps" application programmatically through the SDK? I'd like to read and write bookmarks if possible. Ideas?


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I am pretty sure the answer is no. I considered two possible solutions:

  • Can you access the data persisted by the Maps app directly

There isn't a generic way of sharing data between apps, so a no for this approach.

No. Unless I have missed it. It doesn't look like the MapKit exposes this functionality.

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You're completely right, the answer is a big "no". (As a side note, Apple doesn't even allow the programatic setting of the users' wallpaper. Access is limited for "security reasons", I would assume the same here. A possible exploit is looking for a bookmark named "Home" and storing that location on a server, then selling that information.) –  mclaughlinj Jun 24 '09 at 5:17

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