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I have just started using Agile Toolkit 4.2.0 for a simple CRUD web application, and so far I'm very impressed with the framework, except that I can't get column sorting to function properly.

Updating the dvdrental page/video.php example with an added line at the end for setting makeSortable() does not seem to work as intended. In all the browsers I have tested the code on so far (Firefox 12, Chrome 18, Opera 11.62 and IE 9), it only outputs a malformed line of HTML before the 'Year' column header.

class page_video extends Page {
    function init(){

        $grid = $this->add('MVCGrid');


Any help would be greatly appreciated, and hopefully it's not a simple error caused by my own ineptitude with this new tool.

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There is already an issue opened for this, https://github.com/atk4/atk4/issues/46

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Thanks for the GitHub link, nice to know that this issue is being looked into, hopefully it will be resolved soon. –  ultrafunk Apr 27 '12 at 17:45
That has now been properly resolved and in "master" branch of Git. It will also be in 4.2.1 of Agile Toolkit (along with the fix for autocomplete) –  romaninsh Apr 28 '12 at 12:37

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