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I have a large number of python file and I would like to generate public API documentation for my project. All the functions that are part of the api I have decorated with a decorator.

for example:

def post_comment(comment)"
    """ Posts a coment

There are other public methods in the same classes. The API is spread among several files each file defining classes with methods and some methods have this @api decorator. How can I tell Sphinx to generate docs just for the public API?

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I'm answering my own question... After some more had searching I found this:


Basically you can define a function in your conf.py file can look at each member and skip all that don't have the right decorator.

here is a little example at the end of my conf.py file (this is the config file for sphinx)

def my_doc_skip(app, what, name, obj, skip, options):
    if what != "method":
        return True

    # if obj is decorated with @api
    #     return True
    # return False

def setup(app):
    app.connect('autodoc-process-docstring', my_process_docstring)
    app.connect('autodoc-skip-member', my_doc_skip)

You can also process the docstring with a function.

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