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I'm parsing a set of Chinese sentences. Usually Stanford parser works well, but

  1. in special cases, such as '柴油机 可燃混合气 的 形成 和 燃烧 都 是 直接 在 燃烧室内 进行 的 。' and '在 日常 行驶 中 肯定 不 可能 保持 燃油量 的 多少 , 乘客 的 胖 瘦 , 直接 影响 到 前后轴 的 配重 问题 。'. They are well-formed, but NullPointerException in line'List tdl = gs .typedDependenciesCCprocessed();', which copied from Demo.java.

  2. I notice that even the program runs correctly, the output of dependency parsing misses something, say '[advmod(传统-3, 这种-2), amod(范畴-6, 传统-3), nn(范畴-6, 油门-4), nn(范畴-6, 应用-5), dep(限制-8, 受到-7), root(ROOT-0, 限制-8), dep(精确性-11, 缺乏-10), conj_并(限制-8, 精确性-11), nn(形势-18, 汽车电子技术-16), nn(形势-18, 发展-17), num(电子油门-23, 一-21), dep(一-21, 种-22), dep(egas-25, (-24), dep(电子油门-23, egas-25), dep(egas-25, )-26)]', it can be seen that no '-1', '-9', '-12', '-13', '-14', '-15', '19' in the dependency parsing result. The corresponding original sentence is '但 这种 传统 油门 应用 范畴 受到 限制 并 缺乏 精确性 , 在 日新月异 的 汽车电子技术 发展 形势 下 , 一 种 电子油门 ( egas ) 应运而生 。', if you need.

How to fix them. Thanks.

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On the scale of one to ten of "is it too localized", this question scores eleven :) –  dasblinkenlight Apr 27 '12 at 3:16
Why? Could be a well-known bug in the Stanford parser.. –  Eric J. Apr 27 '12 at 3:19
I change another dependency parser for help, HIT's LTP platform, it works. But LTP and StanfordParser use different dependency parsing strategies. –  James May 11 '12 at 8:13
i guess the stanford parser user/dev mailing list (nlp.stanford.edu/software/lex-parser.shtml#Mail) would be a better platform to request for help. It looks like a bug. –  alvas Jan 20 '13 at 0:59
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