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In my local version, there is a background process running over 9000 delayed jobs (literally, not dragonball z joke).

To my understanding, the reason we use background jobs is so that we may allow web interface to be accessed, while the server allocates some resources to do work in background. But it does not seem to be the case, as while the delayed jobs are running, I am unable to access the website (browser keep showing that animated loading bar over and over.

Is it maybe because I use mongrel server? Or is there a way to workaround this?

Thank you

Additional Information

Okay, maybe it is because I ran rake jobs:work instead of script/delayed_job start ?

But I when I run either:

script/delayed_job start
RAILS_ENV=development script/delayed_job start
ruby RAILS_ENV=development script/delayed_job start
ruby script/delayed_job start

I got these:

-bash: script/delayed_job: No such file or directory
-bash: script/delayed_job: No such file or directory
ruby: No such file or directory -- RAILS_ENV=development (LoadError)
ruby: No such file or directory -- script/delayed_job (LoadError)

What did I do wrong? Can anybody help, please?

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Probably you haven't installed the script command. You have to run this:

> rails g delayed_job:active_record

After that you can use it normally, as the files will be created, as follows: (output)

     create  script/delayed_job
     chmod  script/delayed_job
     create  db/migrate/20120109185353_create_delayed_jobs.rb

Reference: http://railscasts.com/episodes/171-delayed-job-revised?view=asciicast

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