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In MVC3 how would I create a custom attribute to a strongly defined class (apologies about terminology, I'm learning as I go here) so that I can use it like:

[CustomValue(AttributeMappingName = "")]

I would like to be able to display 'first-name' within my view, I realise this is static for every Patient_FirstName but I wish to access a custom mappingname client side.


public class FormStandard_Model
        public string My_ID { get; set; }

        [StringLength(32, MinimumLength = 2)]
        [Display(Name = "First Name")]
        [CustomValue(AttributeMappingName =  "")]
        public string Patient_FirstName { get; set; }

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Sounds like you need to create a custom ModelMetadataProvider so that the data in your custom attribute will be available in your view. See this answer: Custom Data Annotations ASP.NET MVC C#

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Thanks, that was perfect! – Jonathan Apr 29 '12 at 22:26
Just to add I continued on using the following information to display this value:… – Jonathan Apr 29 '12 at 23:59

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