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For a json object like this,


What would be the fastest way to categorize the array using underscore to get this:


It should be some kind of chained map-reduce... Of course I could do this easily using _.filter (but that would be slow), or using a for loop.

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What's wrong with that for loop? It's not going to get any faster. – Thilo Apr 27 '12 at 5:07

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OK, I found it:

groupBy _.groupBy(list, iterator)
Splits a collection into sets, grouped by the result of running each value through iterator. If iterator is a string instead of a function, groups by the property named by iterator on each of the values.

_.groupBy([1.3, 2.1, 2.4], function(num){ return Math.floor(num); });
=> {1: [1.3], 2: [2.1, 2.4]}

_.groupBy(['one', 'two', 'three'], 'length');
=> {3: ["one", "two"], 5: ["three"]}

So I did it using this(I already had a list):

var listofwords=_.groupBy(doc.words, function(word){
        return word.category;
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I think, this should be faster

list = [
  {name:"hello", category:"verb"},
  {name:"world", category:"noun"}

var addresses = {};

var catList = _.reduce(list, function(cat, item) {
  var address = addresses[item.category];
  if(typeof address == 'undefined') {
    addresses[item.category] = address = cat.length;
    cat.push({id: item.category, list: []});
  return cat;
}, []);
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