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Good Morning friends, Let me explain question in my way

Transaction Table

TransactionId,SellerId, BuyerId, ProductId, TransactionPrice, Status


RatingId, TransactionId, SellerId, BuyerId, ProductId, IsFromBuyer(bit), Rate1, Rate2, Rate3

Now In my application there will be two entry into rating table. It will be per transaction. Buyer can rate to seller as welll as seller can rate buyer !

Now the problem is How can I identify such buyer/seller has given rating already.

The matter is I want the view in which it will give me data of that transaction + ratedBy(seller/buyer)

Can anyone give me idea ?

Look ! I can simply fire some query but the thing is I am not sure that rating table must have records ! It may have records

Let me give you more explanation

I have two view 1) transaction 2) rating

I want that 'view' data (i specified above) on transaction page so I can show/hide rating button.

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It will depend on what database vendor you are using but you will just want to join twice on the RatingTable and filter the joins based on your IsFromBuyer column.

It might look something like this in oracle:

create or update view TransactionView AS
    select TransactionTable.*, 
           BuyerRating.Rate1 BuyerRate1, BuyerRating.Rate2 BuyerRate2, BuyerRating.Rate3 BuyerRate3, 
           SellerRating.Rate1 SellerRate1, SellerRating.Rate2 SellerRate2, SellerRating.Rate3 SellerRate3
        from TransactionTable 
     left join RatingTable BuyerRating 
          on TransactionTable.TransactionId = BuyerRating.TransactionId
             AND BuyerRating.IsFromBuyer = true
     left join RatingTable SellerRating 
          on TransactionTable.TransactionId = SellerRating.TransactionId
             AND SellerRating.IsFromBuyer = false

If there is no BuyerRating row then you would have NULL values in the BuyerRate1/2/3 fields because it is a LEFT JOIN where all TransactionTable rows are included even if there is no matching BuyerRating row to join to in the RatingTable. (Likewise for a missing SellerRating row)

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Refer question again. I have edited – Chintan Apr 27 '12 at 5:21
I think I understand your question and have updated my answer so that your Transaction View will have the 3 BuyerRating values if available and 3 SellerRating values if available on the same row as all your TransactionTable values. – nvuono Apr 27 '12 at 5:56

If you have the RatingID, and you want to get both entries for the Transaction:

SELECT * FROM TransactionTable x
INNER JOIN RatingTable y
ON x.TransactionID = y.TransactionID
WHERE TransactionID in (SELECT TransactionID from RatingTable where RatingID = 1234)
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Rating table may have antry ! If its not then ? – Chintan Apr 27 '12 at 5:22

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