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While looking through apps written with Ember.js, I noticed that sometimes arrays are defined with a call to Ember.A() and sometimes array literals are used. When I ran Ember.A([1]) in the browser console, the return value looks just like an array and arrays created using array literals had the Ember.js methods pushObject and friends. Is the call to Ember.A() just a way to define an Ember.Array when you don't use prototype extensions? Otherwise are arrays all created equal?

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Your question contains the correct answer: Ember.A() just a way to define an Ember.Array when you have turned off the prototype extensions. You'll notice that Ember's internal code always users Ember.A().

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The prototype extensions can be disabled by setting ENV.EXTEND_PROTOTYPES = false before loading Ember. They're enable by default. –  Jo Liss Jul 1 '12 at 10:06

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