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I've been looking for a guide or some documentation on building a bundle to be redistributed, and reused. My goal is to have some widget and form definitions that will be common for many projects of mine, and I think, following some recommendations, the most symfonian way to write them is within a new separate bundle, which I would like to include in my deps file, and install it like I installed the StofDoctrineExtensionsBundle (using composer or including the repos in the deps file).

Could someone please provide a link to a guide to make this or explain me how to do it? I'm aware that Symfony explains the bundle structure in its official documentation, but it focuses on bundles for the particular app of the project, not in 3rd party bundles made to be redistributed.

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Generate new bundle in your project, configure it and put into separate repository. It is explained in this article

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The link is dead. – iBiryukov Dec 10 '13 at 1:37
@iBiryukov: Just read your comment. I Googled the title of the link provided, and found this. I really don't remember if it was the one originally posted article, but I think it helps anyways. Regards! – Throoze Jun 16 '14 at 20:06

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