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Emailservicerequest.Email = new Email();
            Emailservicerequest.Email.FromEmail = Insertcampaignrequest.Campaign.SenderAddress;
            Emailservicerequest.Email.ToEmail = Insertcampaignrequest.Campaign.RecipientsFilter;
            Emailservicerequest.Email.Subject = Insertcampaignrequest.Campaign.Subject;

           // Emailservicerequest.Email = true;

            Emailservicerequest.Email.Body = Convert.ToString(MailFormat.Html);
            Emailservicerequest.Email.Body = "Provider/EmailTemplate/email.html";
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In 4.0 you should use T4 Templates to create email templates. its easy and yet manageable.

for more info


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To convert your HTML file into a string so that you can set it as Body value to your email Object you can use the below function:

public string ReturnHTML(string Path)
         string strBody = "";
                StreamReader objReader = new StreamReader(Path);
                strBody = objReader.ReadToEnd();
         catch (Exception ex)
                strBody = "";
                throw ex;
            return strBody;

call the above function in your code

string path = Server.MapPath(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["NoticeApprovalPath"].ToString());
string tempStr = cmm.ReturnHTML(path);
tempStr = tempStr.Replace("[xxxNoticeIDxxx]", Convert.ToString(RequestID));

replace function is used to replace the values in HTML Template:

Here [xxxNoticeIDxxx] is replace with the value RequestID variable containing the data.

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