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i am using the third party api for getting the Address on the basis of postcode . it returns the json data . below is the api that i am calling but i am not sharing the datakey that i am using .

i am accessing this in jquery not using any server side scripting languages .

 $.getJSON("http://www.simplylookupadmin.co.uk/JSONservice/JSONSearchForAddress.aspx?datakey=data key &postcode=CM129BY&callback=?",           function () {


also using the other code like

//          jQuery.ajax({
//              type: 'GET',
//              url: 'http://www.simplylookupadmin.co.uk/JSONservice/JSONSearchForAddress.aspx?datakey=data key&postcode=CM129BY?jsoncallback=?',
//              dataType: 'json',
//              success: function (data) {
//                  alert('success');
//              }
//          });

but i am getting the error

Error: invalid label
Source File: http://www.simplylookupadmin.co.uk/JSONservice/JSONSearchForAddress.aspx?datakey=datakey&postcode=CM129BY&callback=jQuery17209661092291729644_1335505434728&_=1335505437637
Line: 2, Column: 2
Source Code:

please advice its very urgent

Thanks naveen Kumar GUpta.

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what is "line 2 column 2" in this code? – Joseph the Dreamer Apr 27 '12 at 5:55
its seems like a service specific error. are you getting this in all queries? – Shoaib Shaikh Apr 27 '12 at 6:04
datakey=data key ? There should be no spaces in that URL path. – deex Apr 27 '12 at 6:05
Can you type the postal code URL into a browser address bar and tell us what you see? – slowpoison Apr 27 '12 at 6:48

I think you may be missing any Quotes.Please check it once again.

I think the postcode you are searching is not found in the Database.

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I got it. It is the JSON result string is invalid as JSON, open the URL http://www.simplylookupadmin.co.uk/JSONservice/JSONSearchForAddress.aspx?datakey=data key &postcode=CM129BY&callback=? with web browser I got the content:

  "credits_display_text":"Cannot find FULL PAF license(credits or users)",
  "errormessage":"Search denied! Cannot find FULL PAF license(credits or users)",

At the end of it, "]" is not needed.

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