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I have been using Paramiko to send commands across on a Linux/Windows machine.

It is working fine for remotely executing tests on an Ubuntu machine. However, it doesn't work on the Windows 7 host machine.

Below is the error that I received:-

def _unit_for_event(self):
  assert self.event.isSet()

  if self.event_ready:
  e = self.transport.get_exception()
  if e is None:
    e = SSHException ('Channel closed.')
  raise e

The exception was:

E SSHException: Channel closed.

I am using the latest Paramiko version and installing Open SSHd on the Windows 7 machine.

Has anyone had a similar experience to the above? This error is not seen when I remotely execute on a Linux machine.

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In my case this turned out to be due to SFTP being misconfigured on the server. Try sftp user@remote-host and if that does not work you'll know that's the root cause. Fixing the problem is dependent on what your server is.

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