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I am creating a gwt application as following steps: First install gwt plugin in my eclipse(Helios). Create GWT project Add Dynamic web plugin going to property page of the project project Facets tab Select Dynamic Web Module and java ok to apply changes. Write code and i try to run on server tomcat7 then it shows resources not available.But when i run as internal server of gwt as just right clicking on project and selecting run as web application. then it run successfully. so please help to run my application on tomcat server. Thanks Rahul

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hey try to get war file from your project and placed it in the bin folder of tomcat directory might it worked ... –  Vipinhelloindia Apr 27 '12 at 7:14

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Did you Compile your Application? (GWT Compile Project)

You can then run this Ant buildfile and deploy the WAR file on your Tomcat Server.

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