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Why do I get this error with s3 and boto?

<Error><Code>BucketAlreadyOwnedByYou</Code><Message>Your previous request to create the named bucket succeeded and you already own it.</Message><BucketName>rtbhui</BucketName><RequestId>84115D3E9513F3C9</RequestId><HostId>+3TxrA34xHcSx0ecOD3pseRnE+LwUv3Ax1Pvp3PFoE8tHfOcn5BXyihc9V/oJx2g</HostId></Error>

s3 = boto.connect_s3(parms['AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID'], parms['AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY'])
bucket = s3.create_bucket(bucket_name)
k = Key(bucket) #bucket is global
k.key = bucket_path_and_key #'test/test/test'
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Did you try reading the error message? –  Karl Knechtel Apr 27 '12 at 8:47
Stupid me...I always had a bucket name with a time stamp...this is the first one with out. –  Tampa Apr 27 '12 at 11:19
If you want access to an existing bucket, use s3.get_bucket(bucket_name) or s3.lookup(bucket_name). –  garnaat Apr 27 '12 at 13:02

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Since you already have a bucket you can just delete the last three lines of code and replace them with something like:

bucket = conn.get_bucket(bucket, validate = False)
k = Key(bucket)
k.key = key
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BucketAlreadyOwnedByYou errors will only be returned outside of the US Standard region. Inside the US Standard region (i.e. when you don't specify a location constraint), attempting to recreate a bucket you already own will succeed.

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Obviously, container with same name is already exist.

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