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I have wrapped the libusb in a JNI wrapper (with some other stuff). I need to be able to pass the usb_device between Java and C.

In my java class I have a long field which gets set by the constructor which is called from C. In the C code I cast the pointer to the usb struct like this

device = (*env)->NewObject(env, class, mid, (jlong)list->dev);

Later in another C function implementing a method, I retrieve the pointer

jlong device_pointer;
device_pointer = (*env)->GetLongField(env, device, fid);

This seems to work ok on linux, but something gets screwed up in the mac. This doesn't seem to be a safe way to pass pointers between C and Java. What is the safe way to do this?

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Passing pointers like that works fine in JavaCPP, even on Mac OS X. –  Samuel Audet Apr 29 '12 at 9:11
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