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how to make date Auto Format in input textbox with javascript

when input yyyyMMdd format in textbox, that will automatically change to yyyy/MM/dd format

for example: if your type 20120427, that will change to 2012/04/27

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you can try this javaScript Function and Call it from onChange event of your textbox

function dateFormat(el){
    value = el.value;       
    el.value = value.replace(/^([\d]{4})([\d]{2})([\d]{2})$/,"$1/$2/$3");        
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thanks. now my difficulty is ok with this code –  emerald Apr 27 '12 at 7:47

First, you need to write a function to do the convert,

function convert(original){};

then listen to onkeyup evnets, and pass the value of the input to the convert function, set the input's value to its result

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