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I am trying to load a UML model stored as XMI via the eclipse MDT/UML2 implementation.

So far I have successfully loaded the model itself from a ResourceSet and I can walk through my model as expected. However, I have trouble loading our custom UML profile that is contained in the XMI file.

I have xmlns:MyProfile="..." and xsi:schemaLocation="... file:/path/to/profile.uml" attributes in the XMI file, as well as a profileApplication tag inside the uml:Model tag.

However, on the loaded model calls to getAppliedProfiles and getProfileApplications return an empty list. When using the debugging I can see that the model is not loading the profileApplication tag correctly.

I experimented with various ways to configure the UriMap of the ResourceSet, but so far haven't managed to get anything working. When I open the corresponding XMI file within eclipse, everything is showing up fine and the profile is loaded well, so all paths are correct. What else am I missing?

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Which program wrote the xmi you are trying to read? It's not created by eclipse MDT, I guess. –  Christian Apr 29 '12 at 14:24

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You can not load profiles because the profile is related to a project property and can not be used outside as a standalone. You can load a model then take a profile and apply this profile as a project property. It would do the job. Hope this help.

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Apparently something was wrong in the loading code. After fixing that the applied profile was initialized correctly as well. –  Frank May 7 '12 at 11:37
Thx for the info because I was convinced it could not work !! –  UML GURU May 16 '12 at 9:30
@Frank, would you mind sharing the working code? –  lmontrieux Jan 15 at 20:19
Sorry, it belongs to the customer, but I did nothing different from the samples you can find around on the net. You just have to be very careful that everything matches together (so copy-paste from samples usually will not work.) –  Frank Jan 16 at 6:46

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