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I am trying to audit the privilege changes in mysql.user table by writing a trigger on it.

insert trigger: will capture who gave the new permissions and when
update trigger: will capture who changes the privileges from what[old privilege]
remove trigger: will capture who removed the privileges and what are they

Now, I am getting an error while writing like

ERROR 1465 (HY000): Triggers can not be created on system tables

Can we create a trigger on system tables, Is there any work around or it will be supported in higher versions[> 5.1.61] ?

Thanks in advance.

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No we can not. Even if we have the best concerned privileges are all and super

See (All) and (Super) Privileges Provided by mySql

After trying all type of privileges like

grant super on *.* to root@localhost
grant all on *.* to root@localhost

I have tried simplest trigger on different tables mysql.db and got same error

Triggers can not be created on system tables // Please except this bitter truth

If you found anywhere that triggers can be created on system tables, simply that is wrong

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Had you seen this: http://forums.mysql.com/read.php?99,207145 ?

The poster says he needed "SUPER PREVILAGES" Do you have access to the root user for the database?

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