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I use QProcess in a multithread Qt console application. During runtime I got about 250 connection threads, each connection thread uses a DB connection and executes a shell command with a QProcess object.

My ulimit -nshows 1024 (=pipes or file handles available). I think I am hitting the limit here, changing it would only defer the problem. I need a proper error handling for this (instead of a SIGBUS crash). How can I check the available pipe number, before I start my QProcess?

Thank you very much for any hint.


quoted code from qprocess_unix.cpp from the Qt sources:

The code crashes at the line FD_SET(childStartedPipe[0], &fds);

bool QProcessPrivate::waitForStarted(int msecs)

#if defined (QPROCESS_DEBUG)
    qDebug("QProcessPrivate::waitForStarted(%d) waiting for child to start (fd = %d)", msecs,

    fd_set fds;
    FD_SET(childStartedPipe[0], &fds); // Here I get a SIGBUS fault
    if (select_msecs(childStartedPipe[0] + 1, &fds, 0, msecs) == 0) {
        processError = QProcess::Timedout;
        q->setErrorString(QProcess::tr("Process operation timed out"));
#if defined (QPROCESS_DEBUG)
        qDebug("QProcessPrivate::waitForStarted(%d) == false (timed out)", msecs);
        return false;


this is the function that calls the QProcess:

void CmdManager::executeCommand() {
  shellProcess = new QProcess();
  QString cmd = "/bin/ls";

  QString argStr =      "-lrth *.tmp";
  shellProcess->start(cmd,argStr.split(QString(" ")));
  bool b= shellProcess->waitForFinished(30000);
  if (!b) {
      qCritical("ls cmd finishing failed");

  if (shellProcess->exitCode() > 0){
      qCritical() << "cmd failed, error msg=" << shellProcess->errorString();
  QByteArray result = shellProcess->readAllStandardOutput();
  QString resultStr = QString(;
  qDebug() << "Result=" << resultStr;

  delete shellProcess;
  shellProcess = NULL;
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If you are certain the SIGBUS happens on that line, this has nothing to do with your pipes. If you get a sigbus there, the only sane reason for that is that childStartedPipe doesn't point to valid memory anymore. – Mat Apr 27 '12 at 7:43
Good point! but uuuh. I see. So I have to find out why QProcess or its parent is deleted too early? Is it correct, that at the moment its parent is the main thread (if I pass no parameter to the constructor). – spikey Apr 27 '12 at 8:03

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