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I need to export sonata admin data via excel or pdf. How can i be able to achieve this? Is there any bundle that helps me do that?

Any ideas!?


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As far as I know SonataAdminBundle has a built in support for json, xml, csv and xls export (works out of the box for me). – Jakub Zalas Apr 27 '12 at 8:16
Could you please share link to the docs or tuts? – VishwaKumar Apr 27 '12 at 9:51
I don't think this feature is documented yet but it simply works when you configure sonata. Log into their demo website to see how it works (details on github page: – Jakub Zalas Apr 27 '12 at 14:36

You have to override the admin getExportFields() method.

If the entity has some (X)-to-many or many-to-(X) relations you have to override all the fields

public function getExportFields()
     $exportFields = parent::getExportFields(); //It's not working in case of *-to many relation, so remove it, but it's ok for small customisation

     $exportFields["Date"] = 'date';             //if your date is an instance of DateTime, you have to format it
     $exportFields["User name"] = '';   // in case of *-to-many relations
     $exportFields["Status"] = 'statusAsString'; //for customise format implement getStatusAsString() in you entity
     return $exportFields;

To customise the type of report to download you have to override, removing the default one:

public function getExportFormats()
    return array(
        'json', 'xml', 'csv', 'xls'
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I've implemented Bundle for Symfony and Sonata to export lists to PDF. You could get it here: It is based on solution suggested here: I know that the question is quite old, but hopefully it helps someone else.

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