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I use WPDB Class in Wordpress for my Data within my theme...

Now lets say in the database we have saved

This isn\'t my name

Now, I want to remove the slash for the complete fields using the following method

  $query= 'SELECT * FROM quotes'; 
  $quotes= $wpdb->get_results($sql);

Is there a way how I can do something recursive for all fields in $quotes that will practically to stripslashes (PHP) and return me something like (for all fields within the object)

This isn't my name
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Since the $wpdb->get_results() funciton returns an array of stdClass objects, in order to remove the slashes in all columns in every row, you must iterate through the rows, and through the properties of each row object running the PHP stripslashes() function on it.

foreach( $quotes as &$quote ) {
    foreach( $quote as &$field ) {
        if ( is_string( $field ) )
            $field = stripslashes( $field );

More information on the wpdb->get_results() function:

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I think what you want is stripslashes_deep.

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