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I'm working on a rails 3 application which has different sub domains for specific users or mobile devices.

This is how the view structure looks like:





It is possible to add a new view path to the pathset by simple calling




Now, I would like to remove them too.

Is there any way to remove any of the previously added paths from a controllers path_set? I didn't find any useful methods in the API and when using the standard methods I'd use on an array (like delete_at for instance) I get following RuntimeError:

can't modify frozen array

I already use different mime types for request from mobile devices for instance. It is not too bad if I can't remove added paths. I'm just looking for a way to reset to the "default" view paths.

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Rails provides other two getter and setter methods - view_paths() and view_paths= methods respectively. I believe using 'view_paths=' method, you can remove the dynamically appended view path.

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Thank you. Apparently, there is really no other way to delete entries from the view paths. –  rathrio Apr 27 '12 at 12:31
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It looks like you want to prohibit ordinary users from using admin functionality. The better way is to use an 'authorization' plugin like 'cancan'.

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