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I have an application that uses a LDAP server, and I need to write some unit tests. I started mocking LDAP DirContext and others, but it makes too difficult for my current tests, so I thought I using an embedded LDAP server.

This link does not work: -> Embedding ApacheDS - Conference Materials -> Code Examples (requires Maven 2.x) (SVN)

Does anyone have the code example for it or any alternative to ApacheDS?

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Instead of mocking, use the in-memory directory server provided by the UnboundID LDAP SDK. This is a fully-fledged server and its use will result in realistic responses from a directory server, which will lead to more complete testing and more robust code.

see also

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thanks for the info; i'll try a bit more with ApacheDS, and otherwise i'll turn to the one you mention. – David Portabella Apr 27 '12 at 11:03
after viewing @Terry's answer and blog i ended up creating this: . It's what i use now to do in memory ldap testing. UnboundID is great. – Trever Shick Feb 5 '13 at 21:59

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