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I've interesting problem. I load some data via ajax using jQuery (list of lines), and then put them into the div, which finally gets appended to the document. When I try to do sth like this


I get wrong height (document inspector shows different value). But when I wait (eg. 750ms), and then try to get height, it's ok.

And there is my question, am I doing sth wrong, or is it normal behaviour of the browser? (I'm using Chrome)


Up, To clear things up, I do sth like this:

success: function() {
       for(line in data){
            doing sth on line, and then append to myDiv
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Maybe your div has display: none at the time you check it's height? –  lazyhammer Apr 27 '12 at 9:12

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It might be because of ajax response not loaded. Try using ajax with async:false. check this http://api.jquery.com/jQuery.ajax/

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You should wait for the data to be loaded in the DIV and then only do the alert. I am not sure what your full code is but looks like this is the problem

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try getting height with direct javascript without jquery. I have notices that some times jquery height and width function are not correct. try these:

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