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Can anyone tell me why I am getting this error:
Error in as.integer(tm) : cannot coerce type 'S4' to vector of type 'integer?
I have been searching the internet but couldn't solve my problem.

     long <- file("C:\\New folder (5)\\inra.bin", "rb")
     A=readBin(long, integer(), size=2,n=67420*1, signed=F)
  lot <- file("C:\\New folder (5)\\lat.img", "rb")
    B=readBin(lot, integer(), size=2,n=67420*1, signed=F)
       wind <- file("C:\\Wind_WFD_200201.bin", "rb")
       C=readBin(wind, double(), size=4,n=67420*248, signed=TRUE)
         for(d in 1:31)
        M <- Matrix(-9999, 360, 720)
       for(i in 1:67420)
    tm[ta[i],tb[i]]= 10 * ((D[(d-1)*8+1,i] + D[(d-1)*8+2,i] +D[(d-1)*8+3,i] +D[(d- 1)*8+4,i] +D[(d-1)*8+5,i] +D[(d-1)*8+6,i] +D[(d-1)*8+7,i] +D[(d-1)*8+8,i] ) / 8)

 to.write <- sprintf("C:\\Yar_%0d.bin", d)
 writeBin(as.integer(tm), size=2,to.write)


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Take a look at How to split and write to a file for S4 object in R . In your case, it appears that Matrix returns an S4 object. Try this:

foo <- Matrix(10,10,10)

That may give a suggestion as to what you want to extract from your tm object.
But why are you using Matrix in the first place? If you just use base::matrix this problem should disappear. Edit: peeking at the documentation for package Matrix, it's clear that as.integer is not supported. You probably would have to use as(x,matrix) first.

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Thanks a lot.It has been solved.the above code will do calculations for one file in one folder.how can I tell R to continue to do the same thing with all the rest of files in that folder. –  Sami Yemein Apr 27 '12 at 12:06
@SamiYemein Simplest way is to build a loop around your long <- file("C:\\New folder (5)\\inra.bin", "rb") statement, and build the folder path from an array of file names. Something like for (i in 1:10) { filename <- paste('C:\\New folder (5)\\','filearray[i]',sep='') ; long<-file(filename,'rb');{everything else} } –  Carl Witthoft Apr 27 '12 at 12:17

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