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when i have an table in mysql:

create table t
    id integer primary key,
    time datetime not null,
    value integer not null

and an maping class:

class T(Base):
    __tablename__ = 't'

    id = Column(INTEGER, primary_key=True, nullable=False, unique=True)
    time = Column(DATETIME, nullable=False)
    value = Column(INTEGER, nullable=False)

how can i select all values that have given month from this table using sqlalchemy? mysql has the month function: select value from t where month(time) = 4 but sqlalchemy has no month function.

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Without loading all Ts into the session, one can use Functions to filter non April objects straight-away:

from sqlalchemy.sql import func
qry = session.query(T).filter(func.MONTH(T.time) == 4)
for t in qry:
    print t.value
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Does this work for all databases though? I don't think postgresql for example supports the month scalar. I think a func is the right idea here, but it seems to me that func.date_part('month', T.time) is a better way to go about it. –  JosefAssad May 4 '12 at 12:28
You are right, this is RDBMS-specific. The question is tagged with mysql, so the sample code was such that it works there. –  van May 4 '12 at 13:55

If for example you want the records from all April months irrespective of year or day:

for t in session.query(T):
    if t.time.month == 4: print t.value
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A very old question but a better answer is here:

from sqlalchemy import extract  

session.query(T).fitler(extract('month', T.time)==7).all()

This returns all the records into a database in July.

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