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XPath problem.

I have these nodes:

  <video timestamp="201204271112">myVideo.avi</video>
  <video timestamp="201204271113">myVideo.avi</video>
  <photo timestamp="201204271112">myphoto.avi</video>
  <photo timestamp="201204271113">aphoto.avi</video>

How can i get only node text that contains timestamp attribute?

I tried


it returns ALL timestamps attribute only. And the text?

How can make a query that include all two conditions? AND condition.

Something like this:

//@text and //@timestamps

to get only
201204271112 - myVideo.avi
201204271113 - myVideo.avi
201204271113 - aphoto.avi
excluding other ones?


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How can i get only node text that contains timestamp attribute?

Could you mean //*[@timestamp]/text()? That selects all text nodes whose parents have the timestamp attribute.

The conditions are in XPaths, too (i.e. //video[@timestamp and text()] selects all video nodes that have both timestamp and some text nodes).

What you probably meant is a node-set union used with symbol |. To get both the timestamps and the text nodes, you'll need two queries unioned together: //@timestamp | //*[@timestamp]/text() gets all timestamps and all their text nodes. However, I don't think you can get it nicely aligned (there will be all timestamps first, then all text nodes).

You can try either iterating one by one with some kind of for loop and get both the timestamp and the text node via position, or you can just get all nodes that have a timestamp and dig their text out of them later (which is a preffered way).

The spec is a surprisingly good read on this.

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You can match on attributes:


//video = matches a node with name video anywhere in the treee

[@timestamp] is a predicate, meaning the node has to have this attribute

text() selects all text node children of the current node

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and more generic? see edit please. – elpsk Apr 27 '12 at 9:26

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