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I have an issue with two different browsers. I have attached snapshots of issues: When I use the following css I get image1:

.support-data-text img, .support-data-text select {
/* this is for dropdown list */
form#saveSupport select {
    height: 29px;
    width: 234px;
    position: absolute;

form#saveSupport input{float: left; width: 243px;}

/* this is for the img we are using for dropdown list */
form#saveSupport .select_game { background: url(../images/select-status.png) no-repeat;
   width: 223px; position: absolute; height: 29px; line-height:29px;
   padding: 0 0 0 10px; color: #333; font-size:12px; overflow: hidden; 

enter image description here

and when i add margin-left: 18% to form#saveSupport .select_game Chrome shows proper alignment of dropdown list image but not the actual dropdown list whereas Firefox displace the drodown list to right side. (Image2) enter image description here

Kindly help me with the solution. I would be thankful!

Thanks, Vikram

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Can you provide a working url to test this please. –  trickeedickee Apr 27 '12 at 9:40

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Hi i thing you give to parent position relative and child give to absolute position

give to your parent div psition relative and child div give absolute position

I think your Parent Div is this


and now give to child div absolute and set to left right top bottom according to your design .

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this will cause more trouble I guess :) –  huMpty duMpty Apr 27 '12 at 10:03

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