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I've tried the following guide for including external files in a template using this manual.

I've created a plugin with this code below and included it in a template using the $includedphp variable:

$includedphp = ob_get_contents();

Afterwards I've found out that include() is disabled in the server configuration. My other option is to use cURL which is enabled:

$curl = curl_init( "" );
curl_setopt( $curl, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, TRUE );
$includedphp = curl_exec( $curl );
curl_close( $curl );

It's not working. It just prints blank in my template. Hooks used: "global_start". vBulletin version: 3.8.

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Did you try asking at the vB forums? – Ahatius Apr 27 '12 at 9:44

You can't use curl as a replacement of include. How could include is disabled? I see that you use http:// on your include code, what if you use non-http?


Note: DIR constant contains vbulletin forum installation root on vb4, so i'm not sure for vb3.

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