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Is it possible to integrate the zend framework with cakephp 2.0? I want to have search features in the cakephp 2.0 web-application using zend framework.

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Define what your requirements for a search are. This questions is to generic.

There is a search plugin for CakePHP by the way: CakeDC Search

A plugin to create search indexes.

Maybe it's going to do what you want.

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Thanks for the response. I have made search page in my web-application. It's like the keyword search type and retrive data from the multiple tables. But sometime i get time-out message of cakephp since database is quite large so i was thinking to have the search features by indexing. Is it possible to do in cakephp by integration of zend Framework or some kind of making plugins. I check the reference and its quite helpful too. –  s3niya Apr 27 '12 at 10:45
How many records and tables are you searching? This sounds more like a bad database design. But check this plugin github.com/neilcrookes/searchable or you can also use sphinx for indexing, there a plugin for sphinx too afaik, just google it. –  burzum Apr 27 '12 at 10:51

Your best solution for actual searching is to use Apache Solr. It's a search engine that can be used with any framework through its web service interface.


It is based upon the same library Zend Framework Search uses called "Lucence", expect Apache Solr exposes "Lucence" functions as web services. Very nice and easy to use.

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