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i'm using set of classes for creating jqgrid as per the project GitHub..

now i have the following code snippet that adds the JQgrid's editoptions:{}

public Column SetEditOptions(string editoptions)
        _editoptions = editoptions;
        return this;
if (!String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(_editoptions))

From View im using htmlhelper extensions class's which looks

@(Html.Grid("basic").SetCaption("User Grid").AddColumn(newColumn("Comment")
    .SetEditRule("required:true").SetEditType("Select").SetEditOptions("//here script comes")))

All i want is to fill the dropdown box in the edit modal of jqgrid, which will get from controller through ajax.. i'm not gettin' how should i pass my script within that .SetEditOptions Method i tried to return json string from my controller and pass it to this method, but it seems not working at all, although my controller is being hit.

i was following this Post but i failed to do that...

And one more thing jqgrid's editrules:{} working for all errors but when i put required:true then none of the validation working, i cross checked my script with jqgrid documentations script, they are same, below is what i get

colModel: [

Update : i have 2 functions one with static data other with dynamic data coming from server, so when i call static data function, the dropdown list in edit modal gets filled, but when i try to call the dynamic data function the dropdown list doesnt fill althought my Controller/Action gets hit,

function getOffices() {
    $.getJSON("/Account/Offices", null, function (data) {
        if (data != null) {
            return data;
        return "";
function getsample() {
    var data = "FE:FedEx;IN:InTime;TN:TNT";
    return data;

and i set the editOption of jqgrid like this

.AddColumn(new Column("Primary").SetEditable(true).SetEditType("select").
SetWidth(30).SetEditOptions("value:getOffices()")) // here 
//when i call 'getsample' the data gets filled in dropdown but 'getOffices' doesn't working...
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you can read the solution of the problem with required:true here and here. You need update jquery.jqGrid.src.js which you use. –  Oleg Apr 27 '12 at 10:28
Oleg: i become big fan of your's since last 2 days i'm reading all of your stackoverlow answer's regarding jqgrid hehe.. im using jquery.jqGrid.min.js 4.3.2 file.. whats with this jquery.jqGrid.src.js –  FosterZ Apr 27 '12 at 10:33
Thenks! The file jquery.jqGrid.min.js is just minimized version of jquery.jqGrid.src.js. The file jquery.jqGrid.src.js is good for debugging and to include modifications (like bug fixes). For release of your project you can use for example Microsoft Ajax Minifier to convert modified version of jquery.jqGrid.src.js to new jquery.jqGrid.min.js. –  Oleg Apr 27 '12 at 10:38
+1: for required patch, one issue solved... –  FosterZ Apr 27 '12 at 11:10

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