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I have a input file containing (17x127) data (Force) and a target file of (3x127)(True Stress).

I have written the following code for training the neural networks:


net =newff(minmax(p),[10,1],{'tansig','purelin'},'trainlm'); = .05;        %Learning Rate
net.trainParam.epochs = 300;    %Max Ephocs
net.trainParam.goal = 1e-5;     %Training Goal in Mean Sqared Error = 50;       %# of ephocs in display

[net,tr1] = train(net,p,t);
o1 = sim(net,p)

However I get the following errors:

??? Error using ==> trainlm at 109 Output data size does not match net.outputs{2}.size.

Error in ==> network.train at 107

[net,tr] = feval(net.trainFcn,net,X,T,Xi,Ai,EW,net.trainParam);

How can I resolve this error?

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Try to give the training parameters associated with the "trainlm" training function by looking for "trainlm" in Matlab help

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By calling newff with the parameter [10,1] you created a neural network with 10 neurons on the hidden layer and 1 on the output layer. This does not match the number of outputs you are using. (3x127) So either change the the newff call or use a different training dataset.

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