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How do I write the where statement that select records with Date field between Sunday to Saturday of a given date.

Data Fields: Id, Name, Date
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Where date is the date in question, how about:

    DateTime start = date.Date.AddDays(-(int)date.DayOfWeek), // prev sunday 00:00
        end = start.AddDays(7); // next sunday 00:00

    var qry = from record in data
              where record.Date >= start // include start
               && record.Date < end // exclude end
              select record;
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DateTime givenDate = DateTime.Today;
DateTime startOfWeek = givenDate.AddDays(-1 * givenDate.DayOfWeek);
DateTime endOfWeek = startOfWeek.AddDays(7);

var query = myObjects
  .Where(ob => startOfWeek <= ob.DateField && ob.DateField < endOfWeek)
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