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I have 2 models, one called profile and a collection of profiles called profilelist.

One view shows a list of the profiles, its called profileListView and when you click on a profile, it loads a new view, profileDetailsView, where you can edit its details.

Now when i change properties in this profileDetailsView of this profile and do a model.Change, the profileListView rerenders, because it obviously listens to its model. The problem is the view rerenders but the URL stays the same, pointing to the detailsview of the profile i changed, which messes up the navigation of the site.

So i want to stop the automatic rerendering of the profileListView and then manually 'redirect' to the listview.

How can I achieve this?

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You probably do want the view to re-render, right? You just want the url to change too. So one option would be to have your router bind a handler on the model, and then have it update the URL - something like:

model.on('change', function(model) {
    var url = getTheCorrectUrl(model);
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Thanks bro, actually i had to put it in the success of the model.save, otherwise it would reload the page before it would save the model and ultimately not save the model. Also I had to use router.saveLocation and not navigate since apparently the site works with an old version of BackBone (0.3.3) –  user1309946 Apr 30 '12 at 9:54
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