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I have a link: <a href="/somelink" id="link_test" onclick="return func(event);">Link</a>.

I want to remove this onclick attribute & add click event listener by addEventListener

I tried:

  return func(window.event);


ge("link_test").addEventListener('click',"return func(window.event);",false);

No result. Is it possible to do it by addEventListener (& how)?

PS: actually I have a crossbrowser variant of addEventListener func, but not important in this case.

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Your first try should work, but what do you mean by no result? Is the func() that is not run or is it the link not going to where it should (as it should if the value returned from fn is not truthy) – GillesC Apr 27 '12 at 11:48

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var anch = document.getElementById("link_test");
anch.addEventListener ("click", function (event) {
}, false);

Do you mean something like this

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