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From mail, most probably clicking on URL of PDF opens the file on browser for reading. But I want to download the PDF file when clicking on URL. Please guide me.

Regards, Krishna

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Are you working on a web application (and want to force it to download), or do you just want to know how to do this in general (in a web browser?). –  halfer Apr 27 '12 at 13:49

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Add this (or create one) to your .htaccess file:

<FilesMatch "\.(?i:pdf)$">
  ForceType application/octet-stream
  Header set Content-Disposition attachment
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You can Right click and click the menu Save Link As and save it in computer. and If you are developing you can write the statement there for your users.

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You can try to force the browser to download the file, using the Content-Disposition header (set it to "attachment").

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Option 1: Use right click on link and select "Save link As" ( Works in gmail but not in outlook for mac ) Option 2: Open the link in browser and select File->Save Page As ( Tried in chrome, there is similar option in Firefox as well )

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When using Apache, you can put this into the .htaccess file:

AddType application/octet-stream .pdf

Found at CSS tricks.

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