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I am using WCF REST Service (4.0) to expose JSON API ..but not getting my WebFaultException to work.

I have following in my method:

        if (!int.TryParse(Id, out idValue))
            throw new WebFaultException<string>(string.Format(WebExceptionMessages.NotIntegerAsParameter),

and when i try to call the service from fiddler i always receive the same error message:

Error when debugged

I have been trying to search for a solution for some time now...please help.

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The WebFaultException is working properly - the error message in Visual Studio is just telling you that it wasn't handled - that's the expected behavior. Visual Studio debugger will tell you it's unhandled since you didn't trap the error via try/catch. See related MSDN blog regarding WebFaultException usage.

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this was is..no I feel stupid. I dag checked out ties post you mentioned. Never ran trough the code after debugging message... Now i get the correct response :) –  Ingimar Andresson Apr 27 '12 at 15:46

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