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I can't find anything that says how long this is taking to update. I published an app, it's available and up there. When I go to my developer console on google play, it says it has 0 downloads. I know that's not true as i'm getting a few bug reports, and I also downloaded it on a couple of my own devices. Do you know roughly how long this would take to update? Does anyone know from experience? It's for my dissertation so i could really do with some numbers to be fairly time accurate.


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Before they changed the statistics view there was a disclaimer that the stats were updated once a day, don't know if it still applies though. – Jave Apr 27 '12 at 12:06
Yes i have been seeing it daily and its updated daily and but not according to your TimeZone (I guess from somewhere in U.S.) – Its not blank Apr 27 '12 at 12:17

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If you click on the 'Statistics' link for an app in your Android Developer Console, at the bottom of the statistics page, you can see

Application statistics are updated daily.

What I have seen is that the update happens at around 12:00 hrs UTC. The time is not constant, there is a variance of several minutes.

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Well for example on my account, it says

Application statistics are updated daily.

But it hasn't updated since august 6th so I guess it's not true anymore

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