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I like to ask what is best way to start jboss AS.

Because, whenever i close terminal or press ctrl+c then jboss, which is already started with run.sh script, start with shutdown. I have already tried executing export LAUNCH_JBOSS_IN_BACKGROUND=1 before starting jboss via script .run.sh but it has not helped me much.

Secondly, i like to know how can i validate that jboss is running except browsing localhost:8080 or localhost:8080/admin-console.

I am using both mac-osx/linux and Jboss-AS-6.0.0.Final.

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nohup /usr/local/jboss/bin/run.sh -b > /dev/null & should do starting jb as well running it in background.

You can check for jboss running using ps -ef | grep java

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For the first part of the question, try running:

./run.sh &

This will send the process to the background. Just hit enter once JBoss has finished starting up.

If you need to bring the process back to the foreground, run fg. You can then hit CTRL-C if you want stop JBoss.

To validate that jboss is running, you can run something like this :

ps -ef | grep jboss


ps -ef | grep run.sh

This will show the process id for JBoss or the run.sh script.

I hope this helps.

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